Judge .45Colt/.410Mag Bk 3" 5-Rds Description
What a name! It's based on the fact that many judges are now carrying it into the courtroom with them-and for good reason. Taurus knows of no better self-defense firearm. Whether loading all 45s-all .410s or alternating them in the cylinder, the Judge is the ultimate shotgun/revolver duo. Taurus is giving you the Judge in Ultra-Lite forged alloy. You'll be amazed how light this gun is and how easy it is to tote around. Also the Judge 3" Magnum is larger and more powerful, this Judge gives you the extra firepower you need when you have to lay down the law.


- Extended Ejector Rod: For positive extraction of fired cases
- Ribber Grip : Exclusive Taurus ergonomic shock absorbing grip design provides a firm grip under virtually all shooting conditions
- Taurus Security System (TSS)rs: Taurus family of semi-auto pistols all feature the Taurus Security System, which provides instant-ready defense with built-in ability to secure your pistol and make it inoperable at the turn of a key. When the Security System is engaged, the pistol cannot be fired or cocked and the gun's manual safety cannot be disengaged. As with this revolver Security System, the device is part of the firearm and cannot be lost, and the same special Security Key works for both the revolver and pistol Systems (two keys come with most guns). To engage: simply insert the Key into the button on the rear or side of the pistol and rotate one-quarter turn clockwise. This engages the Security System. The manual safety cannot be moved and the trigger cannot be pulled. To disengage: simply rotate the key one-quarter turn back. This releases the Security System, yet leaves the pistol's manual safety in the "safe" position until you are ready to release it yourself and fire the gun.
- Transfer Bar: The transfer bar mechanism prevents the hammer from striking the firing pin unless the trigger is pulled fully to the rear
- Fiber Optic Sight: Light gathering tubes are inserted into the sight to offer the shooter the highly visible dot created by the end of the fiber optic


- Action: Double/Single
- Caliber: .45 Colt/.410 Gauge
- Chamber: 3"
- Barrel Length: 3"
- Capacity: 5 Rounds
- Rate of Twist: 1:12"
- Sights: Front: Red Fiber Optic Fixed and Rear: Fixed
- Grooves: 6
- Safety: Taurus Security System,Transfer Bar
- Trigger Type: Smooth
- Grooves Turn: Right
- Grips: Ribber
- Finish: Blue Steel
- Length: 9 1/2"
- Weight: 36.8 oz

Shipping Dimensions

Item Weight: 2.8 pounds.
Billable Weight : 4 pounds.
Dimensions: 6" (W) x 2" (H) x 12.25" (D)

Manufacturer Information

16175 NW 49th Avenue
Miami, FL 33014

Taurus The Judge .45 Colt/.410 Gauge Revolver 3" Chamber, 3" Barrel

SKU: 2-441031MAG